Monday, February 13, 2012

Card Group February #1

This month was the first meeting of a new group for me.  We have 10 Ladies and we will meet once a month.  This group is different in the fact that everyone brings 10 cards all ready made up.  We do a pass around of each card that was brought and you end up with one of the ones that you brought and 9 others all different.  Because of Valentine's Day we went with that for this months theme.
So here is what each of us came home with:
Gayle, Lani, Jeannine, Me, Diane,
Laurie, Judy,
Debbie, Lani, Kathy, Jodie

What's that you say, there are 11 cards.  Well your right!  The hostess Lani made a little Valentine's gift for each of us.  It is the heart shaped one.  Its a little bag with some candy in it.  She cut out two hearts, embossed the front one and used ribbon for the handle. She also did a shirt fold demonstration.  As this was our first meeting she has set the bar high.  Some of the Ladies have been doing these kinds of groups for a long time and others like me, well this is a first.  But what fun.  Lani also made some great desert. 
I was not sure what to expect but I had a great time and so did everyone else. 
Judy and Jodie are from out of town so they missed out on desert.  They mailed there cards to Lani and we will mail each of them a set back.  We set a schedule for the next year and I think it will be lots of fun.
Here is a closer look at her card,  gift bag, and Shirt fold card that Lani did.

Sorry for the bad lighting in this picture it really does not do it justice. 

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