Saturday, November 10, 2012

Card Swap Group Nov 2012 Video

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Here are the cards that everyone made for our Card Swap. We meet every month and have a great time. This month was my turn to host the group. You can see all the other ones here!
Sorry for the photo but my Nikon got dropped while we were in Disneyland last week and the lens was sheered off so I have to use my long lens only. It doesn't quit hook up right either. I had to stand at the other end of the room to be able to fit all the cards in.
Not sure what to do about my camera now?????
I made a short YouTube video so you can see them all up close.

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  1. Thank You. I appreciate the details you point out. All of the cards are great. Diana

    1. Thanks for stopping by Diana. They are such a fun group and yes we go home with some great cards and even more inspiration.