Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bon Appetite May Cooking Club

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Our group met at Jeanne home for our get together .  We were all excited about the menu this month.
We started off the evening with Champagne and Guava and toasted to the another get together and the beginning to another great meal with the girls.
No that is not a potato holding down the napkins but a rock that looks like a potato.  Can you see the chef holding the menu.

Jeanne said her Son John did the tablescape right down to getting the trivets for each one of us and her husband made our name cards.  It was a family affair!  The color was so festive.  Love the blue.

We started the evening with The Cowboy Caviar that Jeannine from page 20 of the What Can I bring for Dinner?  by Anne Bryn .  This is a light way to start out.  Everything is waist friendly.  We all were commenting on all the ways you could use this dish.  Over salad, on a taco, or just on a bed of lettuces. We all loved it.  

Then is was time for the meal.  Jeanne made the Barb's Taco Ring on page 187 What Can I Bring for Dinner by Anne Bryn.  Cathy made the Chicken Taco Soup from page 84.  The soup is in the Red bowl.  It was in a big pot on the stove.   I made the Big Green Salad with Orange, Avocado and Red Wine Vinaigrette page 94-5. Funny thing this time everyone followed the recipes exactly.  We normally make little changes here and there.  Not this time.   You can see the cake in the background more about that below.

Here is the soup and it was really good. 

Here is our meal all plated up and ready to be devoured.  There was silence so that tells you that everyone loved it all.  I did add some of the Cowboy Caviar to the top of my Barb's Taco Ring.  I also added a dollop of Sour Cream to the Chicken Taco Soup.  You can see the little treat that Jeannine made with the jelly beans.  I made the little bag which was holding a little wisk for each person.   

Then it was time for dessert which Pam made Vanillia Crazy Wacky Cake from Pinterest.  It uses vinegar and boy was it good.  She said this is very simple and easy to make.  

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