Friday, July 15, 2016

Walking tour of Venna

I love all the architecture in Europe.  You will find something that is 2,000 years old right next to something that is not as old. It seems like they really took into consideration all their surroundings.  I can't help but take pictures because every time you turn around there is something beautiful.
 We walked as a group with a guide around and she told us all about the buildings and what they were and what they are use for now.  We were walking down this walkway and I looked out this arch and this is what I saw.  I almost cause a traffic jam because I will have to stop and take a photo.  Then hurry and catch up with all the others.  Luckily I have traveled with most of them before so they know how I am with my photos.  I can't wait scrapbook this one.  I must say I did not take as many as I usually do.

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