Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Challenge to Myself

Have you ever given yourself a challenge?  Well I did.  I was almost finished with cleaning my Craft room this morning.  I was down to my actual table.  Wow was that a feat in itself! I had bits of cardstock that I hadn't put away yet.  Bits and pieces of projects past.  You know what I mean.
I have bins of scraps that are marked with different color that I can use and my Grandkids know that they can use without asking if they can. I didn't want to put these pieces in the bins because that would involve walking into the closet again and I didn't want to.  LOL!  I held them in my hand and said these colors really don't even go together.

I had my new Embossing Folded and my new Thin Cut Dies also on the table so I decided cut out squares of 3x3 and emboss each new Embossing Folder so I could put them in my stack that my customers could easily see what each Folder looks like on cardstock.  I finished that and still had cardstock left over.

Next I got out my binder that I am storing my new Thin Cut Dies in and started cutting each Die so they could see them too.  Then I was left with littler scraps.  I had a tag and a banner piece on my table too.
Here is my card of miss matched colors.  I kind of like it.  To bad I didn't have any pattern paper or stamp sets or inks on my table but that was my challenge.  Only use what is on my table and nothing else.
The white banner is embossed with the new Happy Thoughts Z3249 embossing folder
The love Thin Cut Z3257 and Thin Cut Hearts Z3260. Luckly I had the Whimsy Ribbon Pack Z3287 still setting on my table.  I off set the ribbon and used the Mini Stapler to hold it together. Yep that was on my table too.  Lucky me.  What was your last challenge?

Cranbery 1272 Celebrate and hearts
Honey sorry this is discontinued  Hearts
Emerald  X5783  Thanks and Hello
Crystal Blue 1292  Tag
Sorbet X5751 Love and Happy
Kraft Z1375

You can check it all out here

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