Sunday, September 4, 2016

Making Luminaries from recycled Jars

I have been having fun making solar Luminary jars.  This one has a Dinosaur theme to it.  I cut it out on my Cricut Explore.  I use a solar light without the spike on it.  Pretty easy to make and even more fun to look at.

I love the Palm Trees and Flamingos on this one.

We have been saving jars.  Both glass and plastic to see what works best.  The plastic is better by the beach that way if they get knocked over we won't have glass all over.

 Here they are after they are painted and lite up.  Pretty cool!

I do love to recycle things when I can.  Things always have more than one use so have fun with things you have.
Remember in crafting there are NO mistakes!
What have you made?

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