Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sugar Rush Folio Cookbook

Boy I am really behind in my posting.  So I better get with it and show you this one.   This is one of the tutorials that Tammy over at Country Craft Creations did.  I just had to make one and I love it.  It is still not done.  Do they ever really get done or just done enough?  LOL!
It measures when it is open 29" x 9"   closed it is 7 1/4 x 9 and is 1 1/2" thick.  It has lots of places for 4x6 recipe cards and that is the way I wanted it.

I used the Compliments pack with it as well through out the entire book.  I really liked how it brought it all together.

This is the back and I used one of the stickers so I could write on it who it is for and made with love by me.  I do that on all my books that I make.

When you open it you will notice that it is held closed with magnets. I just love the magnets.  Down the center are page holders.  My CTMH 4x6 memory protectors are inside load and for this I will need top load ones.  So I needed to order them and I haven't gotten them yet.  This will hold 5 pages in the center for holding you recipe cards.

On the left inside you will find 2 pocket that will hold a lot of recipes too.  I placed some Journaling cards that we sell and I though this was a great place to put them in.  You can put photos on them or write on them whatever you want.
I also have 2 booklets in the bottom pocket that you can use too.  I used the cut apart pocket cards that come with this paper pack.  I made tags and booklets with them.  I also used one for the pocket. You can see it with the hooray on it.  I just taped down 2 sides.
You can see the little magnetic closure that I made to hold the next part closed.  I was very happy with how it turned out.

When you open the magnetic closure you will find side pockets and inside the pockets are file folders.  What!   The file folders are decorated inside and out.  I had fun making these and I see more of them in the future.

You can fill them with recipes and photos and notes too!

Then you have pockets that hold more booklets.

The booklets all pull out so can use them easily and then put them back when you are done.

On the back of the pockets with the booklets are places to tuck more cards in.

There is one more pocket that has another file folder in.  I think these are just the cutest!

Yep it is decorated front, back and inside too! Lot's of places to put your recipes.

You can put more photos on them or just attach your recipes to them.

I put more tuck spots in the back.  That way things do not fall out.  These are more of those journaling cards.

Here I took everything out of the pockets on the front opening of the folio.  As you can see it will hold a lot.

I only have 1 of the 4x6 memory protectors because I don't have the top load ones yet.  On the back page it an accordion Pocket.  I put a magnet closure for this pocket too and a tuck spot to hold more cards here too.

You can see the pocket open here and it will hold a lot.  I used on of my stamp pads just to show you how easy it was to put a lot of stuff in it.  Wow that is a lot of pictures I took to show this to you.  I hope you are still with me.  I will do a video when I get the memory protectors in so you can see it it action.

Everything I used was CTMH.  I made the folio with Cocoa cardstock.
Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Wow you've put a lot of effort into this cutie. Looking lovely in this paper collection.

  2. Thank you, I love making mini albums and so this just fit right in. When I saw the Sugar Rush paper pack I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.