Monday, July 13, 2015

Freezer Meals Workshop

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Well this is a new one for me.  Yesterday I went to a Pampered Chef Freezer Meals Workshop with Natalia Bello.  You had to bring all the ingredients I did my shopping a our local FoodMax and it cost me $178.00 I did buy mostly Organic.  We prepared 10 freezer meals and each one would serve 4-5 depending on your family.  Since we are a family of 6 now we will see how that works.  Two of them are kids and picky eaters so it should be just fine.  Well except for the Smokey BBQ Pork Tenderloin Sliders.  I think that one will be the big hit.  We shall see!
You are able to pick which menu you wanted she had about 16 different ones to choose from so that is nice.  She does Paleo, Vegetarian, Glute-Free & Dairy Free, Kid friendly, they come in Crockpot, Grilling, Soup and Stews so you can make a choice that fits your life style.

Here we all are well except for me of course.  Natalia is in the lower Rt hand corner.  You will recognize most of them from our Bon Appetit Cooking Club.  Cathy, Pam, and Jeannie.  Neva and Carol were there too.

Lets get started!  Natalia had everything we needed.  All the bowls, measuring utensils, spatulas, knifes, were provided by her.  She was our sous chef and chopped everything up as we needed it. She rinsed and helped as need.  I was a fun day with lots of laughs.  On the table you can see the round cutter called The Close and Cut that was a very handy tool for cutting chicken breasts in half.  The pamper chef knifes are nice too.  She had all the recipes for us ready to go at our own pace.  Natalia also had labels pre printed for us to just stick on our bags with the name and cooking instructions and how many bags for that dish, like 1 of 3 and so on.   That will be very helpful in getting the ones you need for that dish.

Everyone is had at work. Sometimes following directions is hard especial for me.  Here I go taking pictures again. Natalia set up garbage and recycling bins at each table to make it easy to keep everything tidy.  Natalia set up a bowl for all the vegetable scraps so I could take it home to our chickens they will love that!  See everyone is very happy...

Natalia even had a table for use to put all our meals as we made them up.

It took about 3 hours for all 6 of us to finish up.  Then the clean up began.  It is way more fun with friends and all by yourself.

Here we all are with all our meals ready to go home and up them in the freezer.  So nice to know that at least 10 times I don't have to come up with another idea of whats for dinner.  Yeah me!!!!

We loaded everything up and into our coolers and home we went.  I will be doing this workshop again.  Thanks Natalia Bello for a great afternoon.  Thanks ladies it was a great way to spend the day!

Here it is all loaded up in my freezer and ready to go.
We will be having the Smokey BBQ Pork Tenderloin Sliders tonight for dinner so I will let you know what the family thinks.

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