Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rocky Fire in Lake County California #rockyfire

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...It's been awhile I know but a lot has been happening in my life lately that has kept me from my blogging.  So I am back at it again.
I have a couple of things to share with you all starting with the #RockyFire in Lake County California.  It started on July 29th and as of right now Aug 4th it has burned over 65,000 acres and is only 12% contained.

This is what it looked like on Friday July 31st.  My husband and I needed groceries so on our way home we decided to drive up to one of our favorite spots to view the lake and this is what we saw. Don't worry it was a paved road we were on.

I can't believe the way the smoke made the water look.  It really changed the colors that you see.  It was eerily beautiful.
I took several different shots, so here are some more from the same day.  This one is looking at Mt. Konocti.  The sun was bright over head but the haze and smoke layer were lingering over most of the lake and the surrounding areas.

 This was on Sunday evening in the Oaks before the Y where 53 and 20 meet.  I don't know how the Firefighters do it.  There are just Rig after Rig going to and from.  I have seen Burbank, Monrovia, Cloverdale, Grassvalley, Ukiah, and that was just at a stoplight in Lakeport.  They have come from all over.  Thank You! is never enough but Thank You to all the personnel that have made the call to put their life in harms way to save others.

This was at dusk but you could tell this was going to be a rough night for everyone with homes near and for the Firefighters trying to protect everything and everyone in its path.

On Monday we were at dinner with friend and this is what we could see.  The lake was calm so you could see the smoke in the reflection on the water.  We had several planes of all different kinds flying over and dropping the retardant on the fires that were all around.  This plume was just one of many that were flaring up here and there at different times.

I can't forget about the full moon that happened too!  July 31, 2015 I think actually was the day before the full moon but the color was amazing.

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