Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Road Trip to Hero Arts in Richmond, California

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...What a fun fun day it was!  On Monday I meet with a group of friends at Starbucks and had Tea.  They all brought Items to share that they had made so I loved seeing all the things that they have been making. Halloween cards, shaker cards using the new fuse tool, even some Christmas cards too!  Brenda had her MISTI with her so she got it out and we did some background stamping with it.  LOVE LOVE the MISTI you can see my YouTube video here.
We all said we need to do a road trip.  So Hero Arts in Richmond was where we decided to go.  Today was the day.
We left at 9 am and we were there in less than a hour.  No traffic!  
We were greeted at the door by a very nice young man.  We asked him about the building and he told us it was an old cannery. 
Hero Arts is really the warehouse for there products but they have catalogs for you to look through and the have all there discontinued and sale items out for you to purchase.
Debbie was a great help in finding all the item that we couldn't live without.

Terri, Tess, Lorraine and I found lots of fun things we just had to have.  I was looking for thing to go with a Baby Album I am making and I found lots of goodies!  So did the rest of them.

We asked about places close by to go to lunch and we ended up with 2 great selections Salute and Assembly.  We ended up at Assembly.  It is in the old Ford assembly plant.  There is some history there!  

The food was great!  Our waiter was Edgar and he was great too!  Right down to the design on my Cappuccino.

After lunch we went out side and I took a lot of pictures.  We could see the Bay Bridge,  Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Rafael Bridge. It was such a clear day no fog, and blue sky's. 

We walked over to the Rosie the Riveter museum.  I have wanted to go there for a long time and today I get to go in.  I am a lucky girl!  Yes I am!  If you are ever near you must go and see it.  It's not very big is size but it's large in history.

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