Saturday, June 18, 2016

Valentine Cards with CTMH

Just noticed that this was in my Draft folder.  I really liked how this card turned out.  So I am sharing it now.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Here are some of the cards I made  to get ready for Valentine's Day.  I used the Stamp of the Month for January 2015 which was Beloved Bouquet S1601.  I must say that this was one of my all time favorite.  Roses are my so beautiful and delicate.  Who doesn't like them.
I love to do Black and White and when I saw the Rose I knew I would try it in Black and White.

I also did them in several different colors too.  My favorite Rose is called Gingersnap.  I grew Rose Trees and Rose Bushes all along our Retaining wall in front of our house.  Between the heavy winds coming down the canyon and the Deer and our neighbors cows getting out I only had them for a few years.  They were to expensive to replace so I grow rosemary now in the same spots! Wow did I get off track or what?  That is just how my life has gone since my Mom passed away.  I can't stay focused or on track.  I am doing better but not over it yet obviously.  

Back on track, what do you think?  Black and White or color? The sentiment was done in Black and Poppy on the Black and White.  The color one is stamped in Pomegranate?

On the one's I did for my SWAP I used Pomegranate on them all.  I really like the pomegranate the best.


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