Friday, October 14, 2011

Art Philosophy Fall Wreath

Here is why I haven't posted in the last couple of days.  I have been working on this fall wreath.  I just love the colors and how it turned out.  It took a long time but I think it was worth it.
I used all the flowers on the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.  I designed it on my Gypsy so if I ever wanted to do another one like in Christmas Colors or for a Wedding I wouldn't have to start all over.  I designed it in 7 different layers on my Gypsy.  Each layer is full of flowers or leaves.  I maximized each layer with different sizes to fill my mat.  On the layer with the leaves I used 5 of each leaf in different sizes.  This way I would have a few of each size in one color since i am using 12 x 12 sheets of cardstock.  I can't believe how many flowers and leaves it took.
Here is the start.  After I placed the first few flowers and leaves I thought to myself, "what were you thinking this is going to take forever".  But then I also thought, yes but it will last forever too.
For the flowers I used 4 sheets of 7 different colors.  It is the different colors that make this wreath pop.
I did roll all the flowers first to see what the different shapes and sizes looked like before placing them on the wreath.  I added the leaves as I went along.  I thought about placing them at the end but I could tell right away that it wasn't going to work.
I did use the hot glue gun to attach the flowers and leaves.  I did have fun placing and replacing the flowers and leaves before I glued them down.  I am so glad that I did not choose a larger wreath.
Half way there and I need to cut and roll more flowers. I do love how it is turning out. I guess I should have counted how many flowers and leaves it actually took.  But I bet you can see the answer would be a lot!  LOL!  I really am thinking about doing one for Christmas now.
I just love the Art Philosophy cartridge it has so many useful shapes and goodies on it.  I couldn't live without it.  OK! OK! I could but it makes my life so much easier because it is so versatile.
You can order your Art Philosophy cartridge here if you don't have one yet. 
So here is the finished wreath.
Lots of work I know!  But I do love it.
Let me know what you think.
All products used are CMTH unless stated otherwise

Cardstock colors for the flowers are:
Autumn Terracotta
Sunny Yellow
Sizes were 5, 4, 3.5,3,2.5
The leaves:  were from the Mothers Day Bouquet Cartridge
Garden Green
New England Ivy
Sizes were 2, 1.75 I cut 5 of each color they were on one layer on my Gypsy
The wreath I bought at Beverly's it's 12".
Hot Glue I had on hand.

Hey! I only burned myself twice so I thought that was good. He! He!
If you want to see a video tutorial on the how to let me know.  Or even just a more detailed step by step.


  1. Beautiful! What sizes did you cut these flowers out and the size of this wreath??

  2. All that time and effort was worth it. (Shhhhh. I don't want anybody else to feel bad. I just wanted to tell you this is perhaps the nicest one I've seen this Fall!) You have really inspired me to pick up a wreath form the next time I'm at the local craft store. I wonder what colors I'll use........ Thank you for sharing the whole process. You did great!

  3. Love all the colors and layers. I am sure that it is even more beautiful in person. Thanks for all the pics, it really helps to see the full process.

  4. WOW! This is seriously gorgeous! TFS!!!

  5. Awesome colors and design. I also would like to know the flower sizes are and the wreath size too.

  6. A lot of time and hard work was put into this and it turned out beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  7. What an amazing wreath and technique. Joni

  8. I had to come to your blog to check your wreath out again! It is just stunning and yes, I don't think any of us who have taken on these larger projects realized just how many flowers were involved when we started. Your wreath is just beautiful and I would love to see a Christmas one, if you dare to create one!