Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School Project for 1st grade Readers Theater

My Grand Daughter was in first grade and they had their last Readers Theater before the end of school.  My DIL was the room Mom so she had to come up with different things during the year for the kids.  This is just one of many projects that we did together.  She made the butterfly hair clips for the girls, the butterflies were cut from my Indie Art Cricut cartridge at 3".  The Star was from Indie Art too cut at 3" and attached to a clip for the boys to wear on their shirts.
The photo holder is a binder clip/ photo holder was wrapped with paper and then the pleated fold strip of paper was used for the ribbon background.  Then the stamped oval plate with First grade was cut out and attached to the front.  We tied ribbon around the top of the clip and it was done.
A photo of each child was placed in the holder for them to have at the end of the year.

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