Monday, January 2, 2012

Diaper Cake for my Daughters Baby Shower

Talk about time flying.  One year ago we were getting ready for my Daughters Baby Shower.  We had it at our local Resturant Guadalahara.  I made all the favors, banners, diaper cake, onsies and dress cut outs for leaving words of wisdom for the new mother -to- be, and an Altered Compisition Book to list all the gifts and who gave them.
Since I started my blog in May 2011 I guess I never posted all the goodies that I made.  I had just gotten my Imagine for Christmas so the push was on to get every thing done in time.  I had so much fun, my DIL helped me put eveything together.  My DIL (Jenn) and I have made lots of invitations and shower favors and all the goodies that go with them.  We were calling ourselves the It Girls, if you need It we can make It, and we did.  But this time it was extra special it was for my Daugher. 
Here is the Diaper Cake.  I just wish I had my Art Philosophy Cartridge to make all flowers.  They were all cut using 4x4 squares trimed, folded, rolled and sponged.  Days and Day of it.

When we came home from the shower and we were unloading the car my 5 year old Grandson was standing by the car and watching everything come out.  You could tell that he had something on his mine but he just keeped standing there and waiting.  Finally he asked me "Grandama didn't you just come from the baby shower"?  Yes we did I said, then he put his arms up in the air and asked "then where is the baby"?  We all just started laughing.  You never know what they are thinking.

I will post more pictures soon.

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