Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Birthday Vase for my Mom

This is a vase the my DIL Jenn made for my Mom's birthday.  She is 92 and she loves to do crossword puzzles and word search games.  She never has a pencil that she can find so Jenn made her this vase that is surrounded with pink and chocolate mechanical pencil's.  Jenn loaded the top with chocolates too and then made flowers that she put on picks and used Hershey Kiss' for the centers. She used a 2" wide chocolate Ribbon to finish it off. Jenn put the card on a pick too. Sooooo Darn Cute!!! My Mom just loves it. But all the candy is gone, imagine that! Guess I waited to long to take the picture.  I should know better when chocolate is involved...
What a fun gift to make and to give.  She makes the cutest things.
Hope I can do all the things my Mom does when I am 92....

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