Monday, November 3, 2014

One Crafty Little Bird

For well over 2 weeks now this bird comes and sits on the glass of my sliding glass door in my scrapbook room.  He pecks as if to say hey I want to make one of those too!  He stays the whole time I am in my scrap room.   I don't know what kind of bird it is. Or whether it is male or female.  He is very friendly and likes to talk to me.  I think he is trying to give me some new tips and techniques to try.
When the dog comes in and lays by the door he will flutter around and tease her knowing full well she can't get to him with the glass between them.  It is very entertaining.
If my curtains are closed he will sit on the glass and peck at the window until I open them up then he just starts chirping away.  Not the obnoxious squawk but friendly chirps.  I am sure he is telling me all about his latest adventure and how cute it would look in a My Crush Book.
Maybe he has heard about the Studio J Lucky 5 special this month and would like to make one of those and tell his story that way.  You can read all about Lucky 5 here
I don't know how he is able to stay on the glass like that.  He never slides just stays in that same spot for for long periods.

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