Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope you are all having a Happy Thanksgiving.  It is a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other.  This year we are doing something very different we are spending it with just our kids and Grandkids.  We usually do Thanksgiving with all the extended family and that ment around 93 if everyone came but usually around 60+.  So this year it will be the 9 of us and the 2 dogs. Our age range will be from 3 to 94.
My DIL and I did all of our shopping at 6am on Wed morning and we were done pretty quick.  We even ran into a couple of friends doing the same thing.
My Daughter brought out 2 Turkeys that she got on Monday so that was all taken care of.  We will start out our day with Bacon and egg muffins fresh eggs from our chickens.  It is recipe that I got off Pinterest.   Then around 1pm we will have a family tradition appetizer of Bacon wrapped little smokies that are baked with brown sugar.  My MIL used to make these for every holiday and they were the best.  She has been gone 11 years now and we miss her a lot.
My oldest Granddaughter will set the table.  She loves to do that for any occasion.  This was what she did
Our meal will be Turkey with stuffing, fresh greenbeans with silvered almonds, mashed potatoes, and rolls.  For desert we will have Apple pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, with Ice Cream.  Of course there will be Champagne, all of use girls like our Champagne.
The day will pretty much be the same because the Cow's need to be checked, fences need to be mended, the stalls still need to be cleaned and the chicken coupe too! They will all be fed morning and evening too! That is a never ending daily job, but a fun one to.
I hope your holiday is a joyful as ours.

Happy Thanksgiving 

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