Sunday, April 26, 2015

Clayton Historical Society

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Yesterday I worked as a docent for the Clayton Historical Society via the Clayton Valley Woman's Club.  The Gardens at all the homes are spectacular and it is so amazing.  I am sorry that I didn't get to get pictures of any of the others.
The weather was actually perfect.  Not to hot and not to cold.  A light jacket was fine.  Today looks like more of the same so come on out and take a look!

Don't worry if you miss this yesterday it is still going on today.  You can buy your tickets and see all 5 gardens.  Each one is so different!  Can you see the face in the pond?  The husband makes all the birdhouses and the Wife make all the sculptures.  It is quite the team effort.

The property is an acre of land and they have been there for 14 years now.  The chairs and pot are all painted blue.  There were some on the top level that were painted orange.  She says she does different colors each year.  What a great idea that is.

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